Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!

When I was in Bangalore, my friends and I used to watch many girls in the office received rose bouquets and gifts by courier on this Valentines day. We were discussing and dreaming of those wonderful moments when we receive the bunch of those lovely red flowers.

One day, my parents told me about a proposal and asked me to talk to that guy. I spoke to him and I told my parents YES when I realized that he is the one who can be my world. Alas! All these happened in the month of March and wedding was fixed in May. So no Valentines day celebrations before marriage.

Post marriage, I was expecting a surprise gift from him and I started dreaming of that from a week before. I made a small card filled with my so called poems and purchased a small bouquet. I was waiting till the evening for the gift, but I didn't receive any. So I gave him the card and bouquet. He was very much surprised and said that he was not interested in such things and all the blah blahs. With a heavy heart, I told him that I was longing for one for long. He tried to convince me as much as possible. Next year we totally forgot as we were fully bounded with the baby thoughts I was carrying.

In the third year, around 4 PM I was thinking like what if I gift him instead of receiving. I started right away from office(I was in bench ;)), went to West Tambaram market, purchased a bouquet and went to Perungalathur to give him a surprise. Once I reached, I called my friend who lived in Perungalathur and requested her to call Prabu and ask him to come out as she was waiting in the gate to meet him. Yup. She did. Everything went very well. I was holding my breath to see the surprise in his eyes and planning for going to nearby restaurant. The security guards there gave me a weird look and stared at the roses. Ten minutes later, he came out, wow, with full of surprise in his eyes. All the chat went on, but when I called him to the restaurant, he said that he had a status call in another 10 minutes and asked me to go back home :( Unexpected climax.. huh. I went back home and prepared a special dinner for him.

Thereafter every Valentines day passes as just another day. But this year I am planning to make something special. Heart shape cookies? No... he doesn't like much.. Cakes? Nope.. bored of baking again and again.. then what else? He loves paneer the most... Then it must be Paneer tikka :) Yippeee...

Happy Valentines day my dear friends :)